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Monday, January 25, 2010

When is the Right Time to Hire a Buyers's Agent?

Many people start their home search though browsing the web looking for homes. This is great but, before you set up an appointment to see any homes you MUST find yourself a great Buyers' agent who will represent your interests from the get-go. When you start scheduling appointments to see properties via phone numbers on house signs or on the internet listings, you are most likely going to have the Listing agent (who is representing the Owner) show you the home. If this home actually is the one that you fall in love with, well you now have the Listing agent as the "Procurring Cause" for your purchase instead of a Buyers' agent that is represting your interests only. This means that there is an issue that the Listing agent might demand that they be paid the commission for helping you find the home, instead of the commission going to an agent that you choose who s only representing your intrests.

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